Family Life Chaplain

What is the Family Life Chaplaincy Service?

Jesus Christ is humanity’s only true wealth… walking with us on our troubled paths… revealing Himself “in the breaking of the bread” (Luke 24)… making us all brothers and sisters… drawing us out from our comfort to those on the peripheries of life… where the “joy of the Gospel” awaits us in life-giving encounters… as Jesus transforms despair into hope in the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit! (Pope Francis)

Your Family Life Chaplain is your Parish Priest sent by Jesus, through the supervisory authority of the Archbishop of Montreal, to bring the presence and divine mercy of God given to us in Jesus to your local parish. Your priest is a happy man because he knows he is loved by God in Jesus, and he continues to offer his life to the Lord in order to be there for you at those times when you sense you need guidance, encouragement, the healing and strength God the Father gives us through his only-begotten Son in the mysterious moments of divine grace we call the Sacraments. If you are not familiar with your local parish, you can find it here. The best way to meet your pastor is to go to the church for Sunday Mass and there you will have an opportunity to meet him and find out about his availability and the various services offered in your parish. May the peace of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ and his Eternal Father be with you and your family!


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